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Rubber Compensator with Threads


Berghöfer rubber expansion joints

Our rubber expansion joints are used worldwide to absorb movement motion absorption, noise damping and stress reduction.

Thanks to their particularly good vibration properties, they absorb noise from pipelines particularly effectively. Axial compensator, angular compensator and lateral compensators, axial, angular and lateral movements can be absorbed simultaneously.

The rubber bellows do not tend to deflect (column stability). Thanks to the various rubber qualities, including PTFE lining, resistance to even the most aggressive media can be achieved. To make it easier for you to select the right rubber quality for the rubber expansion joint or PTFE expansion joint you require, you can find more information on our Information area for a comprehensive durability list.

Rubber expansion joints, flexible pipe connections

Berghöfer Rubber Compensator with Threads

Typ 200

Sewage treatment plants, ventilation and flue gas systems, shipbuilding to hot water systems. The rubber expansion joints offered here have as connections fittings, thread and combinations of both. Particularly easy and space-saving to install.