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Einsatzgebiete Edelstahl-Kompensatoren PTFE-Kompensatoren Edelstahlwellschläuche, PTFE-Schläuche, Brückenentwässerungsschläuche

Gummikompensatoren mit Flanschen

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Gummikompensatoren für Schellenmontage
Gummikompensatoren, flexible Rohrverbindungen

Our rubber expansion joints are used worldwide for movement compensation, soundproofing and tension reduction. Thanks to their extremely good vibration characteristics, they absorb noise from pipes especially effective. Whether axial, angular or lateral – our expansion joints can absorb any kind of movement. Yes, even multiple movements at once; but please contact us before planning to install them for multiple movement compensation. Through different types of rubber qualities up to the PTFE liner, resistance against most aggressive media can be achieved. In our Information Area is a list of rubber material resistances, which should help you to find just the right material for your expansion joint.

Rubber Expansion Joints with Flanges  

Flexible pipe connections with rubber bellows find use when it comes to high motion absorption. With us you’ll get access to an extensive range of very flexible rubber expansion joints with different corrugations for applications of all kinds

Rubber Expansion Joints with Unions  

Sewage, ventilation and exhaust gas systems, shipbuilding and hot water systems - wherever you need particularly simple and space-saving solutions, these compensators with unions are what you’re looking for.

Rubber Expansion Joints for Installation with Clamps  

These Rubber Expansion Joints for clamp installation are used for all applications where a flexible pipe connection with short term assembly is necessary. The range of applications varies here at pressures up to 6 bar and temperatures up to 150°C.



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